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Trauma to Triumph
Helping Patients Cope and Find Hope

Program Description

We can help people through their journey and bring them joy. This high-energy presentation takes you through one man’s journey with a life-threatening illness, which are both inspirational and educational. The session covers: coping strategies; obtaining legitimate health information on the Internet; and using complementary therapies. The focus of the program is helping healthcare professionals support and encourage people who are ill.

Program Objectives

  1. Identify strategies to cope with serious illness.
  2. Evaluate health information found on the Internet.
  3. Distinguish between complementary and alternative therapies.

Program Outline

  • Strategies to cope with serious illness.
    • Examine the two main stages of coping with a serious illness.
    • Analyze methods of coping in positive manner.
  • Methods of obtaining health information on the Internet.
    • Review different types of websites (e.g., .com, .org, .gov and .edu).
    • Examine features of legitimate websites.
  • Complementary vs. alternative therapies.
    • Complementary therapies “complement” traditional medical treatment, such as yoga or art therapy.
    • Alternative therapies are an “alternative” to traditional medical treatment, such as going on a special diet or taking an untested medication.


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