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Patient-Centered Care
Creating an Environment of Service Excellence
to Dramatically Improve Care and Compliance!

Reduce costs and increase productivity by engaging an entity that is often grossly under-utilized in healthcare -- the patient!

Multiple studies have found that well-informed patients who are an active part of the treatment process have better outcomes and save the system money. Everyone’s health improves -- the patient’s physical health and your financial health!

This high-energy program will provide practical solutions to create a culture where the needs of the patient are always the first priority. The tips create immediate change – you won’t have to wait years to see these results! A major emphasis is on shared decision making. Healthcare is not about giving orders, it is about partnering with patients to develop a mutually agreed upon plan. When patients are part of the decision-making process, they have a vested interest in following through on the treatment plan.

There are other benefits too! The patient-centered approach creates patients that can’t stop raving about your organization! A highly-satisfied patient is your best marketing tool!

The old-school authoritative medical model doesn’t work into today’s healthcare environment – you will gain top skills to incorporate the partnership-based patient-centered model.

  • Learn how to turn family members into your allies to improve patient outcomes.
  • Turn traditional informed consent into highly-productive shared decision making.
  • Patients are no longer meek passive people – they are savvy informed individuals. You will learn the best strategies to satisfy today’s very enlightened patients.
  • People don’t sue for malpractice because they are greedy; they sue because they are angry. Learn the skills to build relationships that create truly happy patients.

Patient-centered care shows that you care! Let it work for you.


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