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Joy on the Job
Creating a Positive Healthcare Environment

Program Description

A happy workplace is a productive workplace! This high-energy program will help you STICK to it. STICK stands for Stress Management, Teamwork, Inspiration, Communication and Kindness. The five key ingredients in this recipe create energized individuals and groups. This program is guaranteed to jump start your workplace!

Program Objectives

  1. Analyze methods to reduce stress.
  2. Describe strategies to enhance teamwork.
  3. Explain methods of inspiring others.
  4. Demonstrate effective modes of communication.
  5. Apple top method to increase level of compassion (kindness).

Program Outline

  • Decreasing Stress
    • Monitoring stress levels for optimal performance
    • Developing a system to cope with stress
  • Enhancing Team Building
    • Reviewing methods which enables a team to achieve their goals
    • Examining the stages involved in team building including clarifying the goal, identifying the inhibitors and removing them.
  • Inspiring People
    • Determining effective methods of rewarding behavior
    • Motivating people to achieve their goals
  • Communicating More Effectively
    • Practicing effective listening skills to enhance communication
    • Using appropriate questions to obtain important information
  • Increasing Our Level of Kindness
    • Reviewing empathic responding as a tool to connect with people


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