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Raise Your HCAHPS
Patient Satisfaction Scores Through the Roof!

The HCAHPS patient satisfaction scores are now open to the public. Your reputation is on the line and you need to raise your scores — today. Beginning in 2012, government reimbursement will be directly tied into HCAHPS Scores. Bottom line: underperformers will get less money. Raise your scores with these practical and easy-to-implement strategies that you can put in place immediately.

Your organization's financial health is tied into patient satisfaction scores.

Highlights of what you will learn:

  • What it really takes to get your patients to respond with an "always" on surveys
  • How to create excellent patient  experiences - from admission to discharge
  • How to be sure your clinical professionals are always communicating effectively with patients
  • The best way to dramatically improve patients' understanding and perception of medications and pain management
  • PLUS: Tips to create happy patients that will recommend your organization to family and friends

This prep course covers all the key areas on the HCAHPS survey, including practical tips to raise your scores in these major categories:

  • Communication with nurses
  • Communication with doctors
  • Responsiveness of staff
  • Pain management
  • Communication about medication
  • Cleanliness of hospital
  • Quietness of hospital
  • Discharge information
  • Overall rating
  • Willingness to recommend

Don't delay - bring this course to your organization now!


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