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Educating Patients with Impact
Powerful Strategies to Select and Deliver Information
How to Give it so They Get it!

Be prepared for an explosion of information on how to educate patients! This program will provide specific and easy to implement strategies to help ALL clinicians provide information in a clear manner that patients can understand. In spite of the wonderful educational tools we have at our disposal (e.g., plastic models, brochures, etc), patient education is one of weakest areas in healthcare. That is about to change – through this program! You will learn new exciting ways of teaching your patients and methods to determine if learning took place! The powerful tips presented will have an immediate impact on your patients.

"Do you understand?" is a question that tells you nothing! Just because a patient says, "yes," is no indication learning has taken place. Attend this program to learn educational techniques that work!

This program covers the following:

  • Think you don’t use medical jargon with patients? Think again! Professionals often use words and phrases they assume everyone knows. You will be surprised at what words confuse patients and how you can avoid using them.
  • Learn multiple ways to turn a pad of paper into one of the most powerful educational tools known to healthcare.
  • Brochures are often used in healthcare, but not effectively! In this program you will learn how to turn these brochures into dramatic learning resources.
  • Turning abstract information into concrete material that patients can understand and incorporate into their lives.
  • The "teach back" method is an amazing educational tool that is vastly underutilized. You will learn how to use it in all your patient encounters to determine if patients are comprehending the information.


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