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How to Give Dazzling Presentations
Topnotch Tips to Create and
Present Powerful Programs!

Program Description

Learn to deliver high-content, engaging and entertaining presentations! This workshop contains proven methods to create and deliver powerful programs that audiences will love! Boring lectures are out – people don’t learn when they are sleeping. The session covers: preparing dynamic openings and closings; customizing content for different audiences; developing eye-catching handouts and audiovisuals; tips to enhance voice and body language characteristics; plus methods of inspiring your audiences to take action. During the course of the workshop, attendees will be working on making their current presentations GREAT! Make all your presentations an event to remember by attending this workshop!

Program Objectives

  • Describe techniques to successfully prepare a presentation.
  • Review strategies to deliver an effective program.
  • Evaluate the best AV tools and handouts.
  • Illustrate methods to inspire and motivate participants.

Program Outline

  • Preparing the Presentation                                                                             
    • Customizing for specific audiences
    • Sequencing techniques to build continuity
    • Coping with anxiety and stage fright
  • Delivering the Presentation                                                                            
    • Developing dynamic openings and closings
    • Assessing voice and body language characteristics
    • Handling Q & A session
  • Using AV Tools and Handouts Effectively                                                  
    • Selecting the appropriate AV tools for different presentations
    • Choosing information to include on handouts
    • Choosing information to include on slides
  • Inspiring and Motivating Participants                                                                       
    • Keeping the audience interested in subject matter
    • Using stories/anecdotes/case studies to make a point
    • Leaving lasting memories for maximum impact


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